How to Make a Keepsake Charm Pendant

During the 2014 Southern California Bead Shop Hop, the Make n Take project at A Rolling Stone Beads in Redlands, CA was a necklace centerpiece which consists of a small photograph in a frame. There were pages of beautiful retro images featuring nature, bird’s nests, etc., but when I saw the page of Disney Frozen images, the one of Elsa somehow reached out, grabbed my hand and I was sitting down making not one but TWO necklaces! Here’s how we did it:

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Rainbows for Peace


It’s funny how you can wrack your brain over a design for days and somehow the simplest design ends up meaning so much to so many. And you know what? That’s okay.

This one is nothing new – in fact, I’ve had it a couple of years, but it always amazes me how many I sell. Symbols and colors are powerful to us as a race. Even as a child, I loved rainbows and peace signs long before rainbows were taken as a symbol of the Gay Pride Movement. They were – and are – a thing of beauty, just like the diversity in nature and people on our planet. They should be treasured and protected – always.

Wednesday’s Pick – The Egyptian Ankh


In researching the lore of the Egyptian Ankh, I ran across much lore and many attributed associations with it. Here are a few:

Symbol of Life
Spiritual Reflection
The Three Upper Chakras
The Masculine God
As a Symbol of Magick


Some say an ankh can be used for healing and to promote psychic communication with the divine. This last is at least backed up by Egyptian depictions in wall paintings and on papyrii. It is also said healers often placed the Ankh over wounds or areas that required attention, to promote regeneration and divine healing.

Whatever symbolism and meaning you attribute to it, its power can be enhanced in your life by keeping representations of the Ankh around you – on your altar, in your jewelry, images in paintings and in your sacred Book of Shadows. If you want the power of thousands of years of magickal attunement to back up your workings with the Ankh, do your research into which attributes are accurate and date back the longest in human history. Do as much of your research off the internet as possible to confirm your ‘net resources are from reliable sources – don’t take their words for it! Without a doubt, the Ancient Egyptians hold the oldest records by far of its power and held it as one of their most sacred objects, so be sure to delve deeply into reliable lore surrounding their cultural references to this powerful symbol.

Sunday’s Pick and Offerings – Carnelian Healing Sun Goddess


Today’s listings in my Etsy store featured the Carnelian Healing Sun Goddess Series. I chose to list these on a Sunday because that’s the day sacred to the Sun (SUNday) and because of the fiery orange/white color of these beautiful stones I discovered in a bead shop long ago. They are paired with Gold – it being the Sun’s metal, of course.

Carnelian is a healing stone, according to the renowned pagan author and Wiccan practitioners Scott Cunningham & David Harrington in their wonderful book, Spell Crafts – Creating Magical Objects.


For those who practice Yoga and pay attention to their Chakras, The Chakra Bible has much use for Carnelian. It is used to balance the Muladhara, the Sacral Chakra and can be used to reduce back pain. It also assists with rheumatism, arthritis and kidneys to balance water regulation of the body. It is associated with the Hara/Navel chakra’s orange/yellow colors, thus helping with digestion and absorption of nutrients.


Regarded as a protective stone, Celtic warriors carried it mounted in jewelry or their armor to accompany them across the Great Divide or Afterlife.

I love the books I found in my library to help do the research – the are fascinating! Spell Crafts and The Chakra Bible are invaluable resources for those interested in Chakras and/or color magick. Here are the links to review them:

Before there were parasols, after there were earcuffs, there were bottles

I am a Bead Whore going WAY back. Every since I first saw tiny little beads as a child. But what was I doing before my recent, adult ventures with parasols, an Etsy earcuff store and my full-on obsession with Doctor Who? My beaded bottles. What are they for? What do you put in them? This s a question I get a lot when I wear them. You can use them for perfume, for holy water if you are a vampire chaser *grin*, or for holding essential oils. I’ve done the first and the latter, but haven’t chased vampires since my story writing days, so I leave the holy water to someone else, though I have been known to carry Moon Water in it. My favorite thing is to tell people to put an eyedropper in it so the contents can be taken out easily without spillage. Their eyes usually light up at that.

Though I haven’t put needle to bottle in a couple of months, I know I will take up their cause at some point when I run out of new ideas for parasols, an Etsy earcuff store and my full-on obsession with Doctor Who. I want something that will take less time, but still look elaborate and beautiful. Something in a lower price point for those who long to possess these little goodies, but can’t spare the cash for the big items yet.

Autumn Leaves Beaded Bottle
Autumn Leaves Beaded Bottle - closeup

)O( )O( )O( )O( )O( )O( )O( )O( )O( )O( )O( )O(

This one is my favorite. My artistically talented friends think so too, and that is a great compliment. They love the colors and they are REALLY FUSSY with that in their own work. I got them just right…how AWESOME is that?!?

Pink and Blue Iris Beaded Bottle, Kristine Cherry, EarthDaughter Arts.
Pink and Blue Iris Beaded Bottle
Pink and Blue Iris Beaded Bottle closeup, Kristine Cherry, EarthDaughter Arts
Pink and Blue Iris Beaded Bottle - closeup

)O( )O( )O( )O( )O( )O( )O( )O( )O( )O( )O( )O(

My first experiment with doing this type of beadwork came about with this bottle. The colors symbolize Rosemary and all it’s attributes. Rosemary is a “warm, fiery” herb (symbolized by the red beads). It’s appearance is like an evergreen in the year-round, slim, dark green leaves (hence the green – I even found beads that mimic their appearance perfectly!). The flowers are the same color as rosemary flowers, recreated here with small bunches of stone chips. I’ve received a lot of compliments on the perfectly stitched pattern of white and red beadwork on the body. That was a joy to do and I’m really proud of how it came out. The challenge was in creating the strap. That required several redos and nearly made me tear my hair out, but perserverence paid off.

Rosemary Oil Magical Bottle, Kristine Cherry, EarthDaughter Arts
Rosemary Oil Magical Bottle
Rosemary Oil Magical Bottle closeup, Kristine Cherry, EarthDaughter Arts
Rosemary Oil Magical Bottle closeup
If you are interested in getting a custom bottle and want to know what I can create for you, please send me an email via my business’s main page at KC Dragonfly. Thanks!

Hack Your Wedding – An Etsy article that’s great for planning brides

If you are an up and coming bride who’s in the planning stages for your wedding, you want to check out this article on Etsy. Even the comments have great suggestions on how to keep yourself in budget and still have your dream wedding. Like the author, I had never heard the term, “wedding hack”, but in this age of computers, it is amusingly appropriate. Don’t let the big, bad wedding industry take all you money and leave nothing for the honeymoon. Plan ahead and buy from Etsy dealers who specialize in making your day one you will never forget.

Even though our wedding was way back in ’89, the principals of wedding hacking were the same then. We looked at our budget and worked with what we had. Sometimes an unexpected expense comes up when you hack. Our wedding was at a local historical Rancho outside of Los Angeles and we didn’t expect the need for a public gathering permit from the city (which I would warn all local brides about), but if the venue is below your budgeted cost and it doesn’t kick it over, you still have a win in picking it. They had a beautiful rose garden and a building to move the ceremony into in case it rained (though in May, the chances of that were way out there).

Another interesting thing I have noticed recently is that the big wedding shows are suffering. I helped out at a local wedding show in Orange County, CA last November and attendance was pathetically small even though it was at the Anaheim Convention Center (a HUGE venue) and the wedding dress fashion show was done by a major dress retailer. More and more brides are going the route of their budget and are becoming wise to those who want them to part with all their money and have nothing left over for the wedding. This is good for us Etsy sellers, so be sure to do the best for our customers and give them the beautiful wedding they deserve while still coming in on THEIR budget, not our sales goals.

Preview new parasol – Red Flapper no frills

Just put this in the Etsy store tonight…a very plain, no frills of my Red Flapper Parasol. If you want an economical version, here it is.

Very pretty against a pillar

Or by itself on the lawn

The inside is quite clean and simple

A single, strong backstitch
holds the fringe on

Making it quite invisible from the outside

Preview new parasol – a gothy white wedding

This parasol is the first in a new line of made-to-order, customizable parasols. Want it plain? Here it is, available for immediate shipping. Want more color? More decoration? This is the base we work from to create you dream parasol. It can be yours, exactly the way you want it!

Color: off white. Available colors: white and off white. Edge lace on the white one is slightly dfiferent. We are happy to scan you samples to choose from before your purchase!

Three quarter view.



Detail – edge lace

Detail – rib lace

Detail – top center

Another 3/4 shot.

This beautiful parasol is available as of tonight in our Etsy shop. The link to the Etsy listing is here. As is, with no customization, the cost is $70.00. Please contact us for quotes on your dream design!

Shopping in Etsy’s Pond – Tasty Flavors!

Since we are KC Dragonfly and I am ever buzzing around the Etsy pond to bring great finds to light, it seemed a more fun name to call this segment, “Shopping in Etsy’s Pond”. This week’s offerings are from four other shops. Stay a while, peruse the finds and please leave a comment with your own url. It’ll get you some promotion and your kind words will encourage my fellow artisans to bring us more and more goodies.

This week’s theme is Tasty, Vibrant Flavors in Nature. All the shops have the same theme of a strong, natural flavor themed item and it was great fun tying them together like that. Here goes:

Cinnamon and Licorice Bracelet
First, let’s start with a spicy offering of a Bracelet from
bluewhitejewelrywear. Spicy Cinnamon and warm licorice!

Spearmint Eucalyptus Trio Shea Butter Handcrafted Soap
Next, let’s try some body pampering with handmade soap
by mossycreeksoaps . It is a great, inexpensive way to
pamper yourself after a long, hard day in the office, or
just because you deserve it!

Glass Necklace with matching earrings – Red Grapefruit
Next we come to lasfloresdelsur’s meticulously crafted
necklace named after a tasty grapefruit – another powerful
flavor in Nature. I appreciate the work this takes to do
as I have done the tedious task of hand-pinning each crystal
in a piece before. You will not beat the price for this kind
of attention to detailed work anywhere else!

Peppermint and Polka Dot Winter Boutique Bow with Spikes
And the very best for last is an adorable little bow that
immediately grabbed my attention and was love at first
sight! Peppermints and Polka Dots by ChickyDs. What
could be cuter???

This was so much fun with this week’s shops, I can’t wait until next week to do more!

For more links for each of the lovely vendors above, try these on for size:

Mossy Creek Soap:
Home Website:
Facebook: and
Creating The Hive:



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New Item Matching Clutch Purse for Parasols

My friends suggested I create purses to go with the parasols. This is the first one I have tackled. It matches my Burgundy and Iridescent Green Wedding Parasol that I put up in the Etsy store July 2nd. I took leftover trim and cover material to cover a black clutch purse, adding satin rose flowers I had originally bought for the parasol. While it turned out the flowers weren’t needed for the parasol, it was great to find a use for them on this neat little compact purse.

I particularly love the design of this purse because it holds a multitude of things a gal needs that my first Little Black Bag collection couldn’t handle all at once – money, change, credit cards and a full size Android cell phone. To my delight, my Samsung ‘droid fits perfectly in the zippered change pouch. It’s wonderful having it so handy and not buried at the bottom of a bulky purse – especially when I have only a few seconds to find the darn thing to answer those incoming calls!

Right now this is a one-of-a-kind piece. I don’t know that I’ll make another like it unless it’s a special request for a customer. I have too many ideas for other designs, so get this one while you can.