The Day of the Moon


Silver crescent moons and pale blue, pearl-like beads. The colors of our Sterling Silver Pale Moon ear cuff and Earring collection reflects the beauty of the moon. The series comes in many styles that can be mixed and matched.

Earrings that make your Mondays special days

Mondays can be days of chaos at the office, hustling kids off to school and planning projects tackle for the week, but your Moon-day evening is your own sacred time. Treasure it, especially if you are nocturnal or it’s just your wind-down-from-the-day-time at home.

Center and ground yourself and all that crazy energy so you can find a place of peace and serenity. For me, Saturdays are that time, especially when I can see a setting crescent moon on my back porch, surrounded by plants, trees, incense and candles. This time is for the feminine in anyone and everyone. Nurture it with what floats your boat on a moonlit evening.


Complimentary Colors that match

Make it made even more special when you dress for the occasion. Cool whites (like the moon), dark blues and blacks always harmonize with lunar energies. Even better when you can go to the beach and walk its sandy shores with the lulling surf in the background! Pick something loose-fitting that floats on the breezes and is comfortable. Take time to reach down to the sand or earth and dig your hands in, calm your mind and listen to your surroundings. It has much to tell us if we would only stop and listen.

The book Spell Crafts reminds us blue is for healing, peace, psychism, patience and happiness. The color of the water, symbol of the ocean, sleep, twilight and the sky. To the Zuni Indians it was used to represent the West, Land of the Dead – our final resting place, along with the setting sun. Whenever I can catch a setting sun and start out my time with the moon that night, it is always a good meditation!

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New Customer Favorites in our Etsy Store


Want to see what people really like in our store? If you are attracted to the sacred symbols of the Celts, Egyptians and the moon and dragonfly, I think you’ll like this selection of Customer Favorites in our Etsy store The Ears Have It

Wednesday’s Pick – Fresh Water Pearl Ankhs


A while ago we showcased our first Egyptian Ankh earcuff and earring sets on an appropriate day of the week – Wednesday. A variation on that design using fresh water pearls came to us when we saw these stunning royal purple pearls. How could we resist recreating these popular beauties with such beautiful, new gifts from the ocean. We couldn’t!

To remind our readers, the Ankh has powerful associations including the Symbol of Life, Immortality, Spiritual Reflection, The Three Upper Chakras, The Masculine God, Divination, Regeneration, and as a Symbol of Magick. However you incorporate it into your worship – and you don’t even have to be an Egyptian Pagan to use it, it will be sure to bring you the power built up over it’s 2,500 years as one of the most well-known totems on Earth.

Monday’s Lunar Pic – Silvery Moons


The moon and silver have been associated with each other since the first woman walked the cool Earth and gazed upon her quiet, serene beauty. Its lunar surface, reflected back to us in silvery light, was so obviously opposite from the garish light of the sun that she had to be its polar opposite; cool as opposed to the sun’s heat, quiet and as reflective as the water she drives in Earth’s tides. The tides that whisper in a woman’s womb each month, so of course the moon was feminine in nature. Wear her with quiet pride, with love, with the secret sign to all those women that know that Moon imparts all her Sacred Mysteries to her human daughters.


Day of the Sun – Amber and Gold

After running around like a mad person today, by the time I sat down to list items for Saturday, the clock had turned it into Sunday. Guess the Gods had decided they could wait as I crashed for a two-hour nap as soon as I got home from San Gabriel Bead Company. If you are a bead whore as bad as I am, you also squeed if you went in these past three weekends and saw all the local Southern California bead stores were participating in their annual So. Cal Bead Shop Hop.


Pegged as American’s largest bead shop hop, I wish I hadn’t been so busy the last two weekends and taken advantage of the fun of  running from bead store to bead store to bead store with my fellow bead whores. We are already planning next year’s attack of the hop with much looking-forward to.

So, quickly (so I can go back to bed and dream of beads), three new items are up in the Etsy store this early, early morning; Striped Amber Faux Earring Triangle DropsStriped Amber Faux Earring Drops and our beloved Copper Feather Drop Earcuff.


Why these particular ones? Well, Amber is a color sacred to the Sun and to Sundays. Copper may be a moon color, but the Copper Feather Drop sports a gold feather at the end and you don’t have to be a MoonWitch or a SunWitch to figure out gold has been the color of the sun since dirt. Feathers have many associations in European folk magic, but since there are no real gold feathers, this one can be symbolic of whatever you want. Stop by the store and check them out. They are reasonably priced for great impulse buys that won’t kill your pocket book – $5.95 & $7.95.  Have fun shopping!

Thursday’s Pics – The Day of the Dragonfly

Thursday being a day sacred to the Old Ones Jupiter and Juno, Zeus and Hera and Thor, the colors associated with them made today’s Etsy store choices my favorite ones; Asymmetrical-Midnight-Spiral-earcuff-and-earring-set-163x300Asymmetrical-Midnight-Spiral-earrings-300x204

Green and Royal Blue.  The Asymmetrical Midnight Spiral Goddess Earcuff and Earring Set and it’s matching earrings were absolute joys to make, rich with these “oil-slick” like colors. Their iridescence is hypnotic – I could make jewelry from these colors all day and never get bored of them. Their otherworldly glow extends even to tarot bag fabrics, which I can never seem to leave in the fabric stores when the catch my attention. Dragonfly-Priestess-earrings-300x202Dragonfly-Priestess-Single-earcuff-228x300 But by far, of the ones to add to the store that give me a shiver of excitement and purest burst of love are the Dragonfly Priestess Series. Copper, dragonflies and swarovski crystals made these simple, little designs so magickal for me, I can scarcely form the words for how they touch me. Read their story in the store listing – they were truly made with the purest love for the art of jewelry-making I could ever express.

Wednesday’s Pick – The Egyptian Ankh


In researching the lore of the Egyptian Ankh, I ran across much lore and many attributed associations with it. Here are a few:

Symbol of Life
Spiritual Reflection
The Three Upper Chakras
The Masculine God
As a Symbol of Magick


Some say an ankh can be used for healing and to promote psychic communication with the divine. This last is at least backed up by Egyptian depictions in wall paintings and on papyrii. It is also said healers often placed the Ankh over wounds or areas that required attention, to promote regeneration and divine healing.

Whatever symbolism and meaning you attribute to it, its power can be enhanced in your life by keeping representations of the Ankh around you – on your altar, in your jewelry, images in paintings and in your sacred Book of Shadows. If you want the power of thousands of years of magickal attunement to back up your workings with the Ankh, do your research into which attributes are accurate and date back the longest in human history. Do as much of your research off the internet as possible to confirm your ‘net resources are from reliable sources – don’t take their words for it! Without a doubt, the Ancient Egyptians hold the oldest records by far of its power and held it as one of their most sacred objects, so be sure to delve deeply into reliable lore surrounding their cultural references to this powerful symbol.

Products Added Week of August 22nd, 2010

There is a nice variety of new products being introduced this week. We start with our new, hand-decorated carriage parasols. They are slightly smaller to make them easier to carry in crowds, and they run slightly less in price for those on more of a budget. Remember, we can design them to fit your wedding or cosplay costume. Choose your colors, flowers, ribbons and decorations to match any costume or wedding or reception scheme.

Next are some additions to our earring and necklace lines and the second in our series of Multiple Pierced Earring Sets. The Seaweed design was our most popular of the many we carried for years and now is back by popular demand.

Gothic Lolita Black & Purple Parasol – flounced ribs – $55.00 – 26 1/2″ carriage parasol. Designed for close quarters and crowds. Parasols are perfect for weddings, cosplay, anime costumes, gothic, lolita, sweet lolita and steampunk attire, conventions and vintage recreation outfits.
Gothic Lolita Black & Purple Parasol – $50.00 – 26 1/2″ carriage parasol. Designed for close quarters and crowds. Parasols are perfect for weddings, cosplay, anime costumes, gothic, lolita, sweet lolita and steampunk attire, conventions and vintage recreation outfits.
Amber Striped Triangles – $12.95 – Triangle-shaped, faux amber striped czech glass beads with gold hooks. 2″ long.
Red Dangles Necklace – $26.95 – Red glass, 14k gold and czech glass dangle beads. 24″ Turquoise Striped Triangle Earrings – $12.95 – Triangle-shaped, turquoise-colored striped czech glass earring beads with silver hooks. 2″ long.
Seaweed Multiple Piercing Earring Set – $28.95 – 4-piece earring set with blue fresh water pearl, copper, glass beads and wire-wrapped seaweed with niobium hooks and gold posts. Longest piece is 3″ long.See you next week!

Products Added Week of July 25th, 2010

The convention was fun and it is always refreshing to get away from the studio, but I have started back so recently on jewelry-making, I am still fired up and want to keep working…the heck with networking, the heck with the computer (that makes my husband’s mouth open in shock, believe me), the heck with sleeping and eating and such. It is true that when you do what you love, one doesn’t want to stop and one wakes up not being able to wait to do what they love. With me, it has been a similar experience except that I work late into the night and weirdly need much less sleep than usual…four hours can do me just fine and I can do that for days. Strange, but that might be my gothy nature peeking out.

I wasn’t able to begin any new projects this week, but have put up some pieces that escaped previewing last week. Here you will find more diachroics and a spiderweb-like necklace…my journey into the realm of asymmetrical design.

Spiderweb Necklace – 14k gold and crystal. $49.95.
Diachroic earrings – Blood Red – $19.95 Diachroic earrings – Powder Blue – $19.95
Diachroic earrings – Purple – $19.95 Diachroic earrings – Turquoise Green – $19.95
Still working on the “special new product”. The prototype is proving to be a challenge and while one version was worked out, the further work on it needs tweaking. It is slow going as I have to work on it inbetween the regular work of redesigning old product, coming up with new and sprinkling it across the ‘net like fairy dust. Still, it is exciting enough that enthusiasm for its premiere makes me attack the project with constantly renewing determination. I won’t rest until it is done!

Products Added Week of July 18th, 2010

One of my favorite designs that everyone loves, is the Pixie Faerie line. I started with the earcuff, then someone wanted it in a cell phone charm and then another person wanted it in a necklace. This necklace is an improvement on that older design using more beautiful swarovski crystals I have discovered in recent years. If people ask for it, I will also do them in silver.

Pixie Faerie Necklace – $23.95 Pixie Faerie Earcuff – $21.95
I am also happy to get these back on the market…these little color variations on some popular earrings types – diachroic glass “croissants” and czech republic glass rosettes. They come in some stunning colors. The Lamplight Roses also come in Gunmetal, Pink, Clear White and Grape.
Diachroic earrings – Caribbean Blue – $19.95 Diachroic earrings – Green – $19.95
Lamplight Roses – Yellow – $16.95 Lamplight Roses – Spring Green – $16.95
Next week’s update might be jeopardized by the fact that my husband and I are going to San Diego Comic Con for the weekend and it will rob me of the chance to do more pieces. I will try my best to get something out for then. There is still so much to get back online…my little black leather cell phone/iPod bags, our amazing Goth Stockings and our new special project I cannot divulge yet. Here’s hoping I won’t come back too braindead to work on more goodies for you.