The Day of the Moon


Silver crescent moons and pale blue, pearl-like beads. The colors of our Sterling Silver Pale Moon ear cuff and Earring collection reflects the beauty of the moon. The series comes in many styles that can be mixed and matched.

Earrings that make your Mondays special days

Mondays can be days of chaos at the office, hustling kids off to school and planning projects tackle for the week, but your Moon-day evening is your own sacred time. Treasure it, especially if you are nocturnal or it’s just your wind-down-from-the-day-time at home.

Center and ground yourself and all that crazy energy so you can find a place of peace and serenity. For me, Saturdays are that time, especially when I can see a setting crescent moon on my back porch, surrounded by plants, trees, incense and candles. This time is for the feminine in anyone and everyone. Nurture it with what floats your boat on a moonlit evening.


Complimentary Colors that match

Make it made even more special when you dress for the occasion. Cool whites (like the moon), dark blues and blacks always harmonize with lunar energies. Even better when you can go to the beach and walk its sandy shores with the lulling surf in the background! Pick something loose-fitting that floats on the breezes and is comfortable. Take time to reach down to the sand or earth and dig your hands in, calm your mind and listen to your surroundings. It has much to tell us if we would only stop and listen.

The book Spell Crafts reminds us blue is for healing, peace, psychism, patience and happiness. The color of the water, symbol of the ocean, sleep, twilight and the sky. To the Zuni Indians it was used to represent the West, Land of the Dead – our final resting place, along with the setting sun. Whenever I can catch a setting sun and start out my time with the moon that night, it is always a good meditation!

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Aries Full Moon Lunar Eclipse: Shadow of Illumination

(Excerpt from the student research papers archived in the Coven of the Dragonfly Moon, Temple of Whocate)

We are entering the final eclipse vortex of 2013. The gateway opens this Friday night with a full moon burning bright in Aries, ruled by Mars, sign of cardinal fire, initiation, spring and action; and it closes in two weeks with the Scorpio new moon on 11/3, on the tail end of holy day, Samhain (AKA Hallow’s Eve or halloween.)

Of all the signs, few have more intensity than Aries and Scorpio and to weave them together with the power of an eclipse is nothing short of terrifying and illuminating, not to mention transformative in every way imaginable.

I will address Scorpio as the new moon draws closer, today is all about Aries. Among other things, Aries is not fond of sharing, she likes to lead, so I will give her my full attention now.

My mentor’s moon is in Aries. When she learned this, many years ago when her astrological horizons were just beginning to expand, it made so much sense. She had always related to her sun in Gemini, most who meet her can guess she is a member of the clan of Twins. But there was always something else that laid just below the surface and came out anytime a leader was needed or her independence felt threatened. Enter the revelation of an Aries moon. The moon in our astrology rules the feminine/emotional part of our chart, the energy we need to cultivate to meet our needs on emotional levels, it is also connected to karma, and where we spent the previous incarnation.

Following the lunar cycles, as well as honoring your own moon sign, are remarkable ways to reconnect with our feminine/intuitive/emotional cycles, bringing balance in a world that is greatly solar and masculine. Additionally, awareness of the lunar helps us to reconcile old karma and receive the support we need to move towards our soul purpose in this life.

The full moon is notorious for stirring up the waters of the world, including our unconscious. When an eclipse, a perfect alignment of earth, moon and sun, occurs, it is always within the full or new moon. The alignment on a full moon constitutes a lunar eclipse, which heightens, even breaks open, the lunar teaching already at hand.

An Aries Full Moon brings illumination and heat to the surface. It questions where we are compromising our autonomy, our truth, it also demands us to look at what we are (or are not) fighting for in terms of that truth. Aries is not a feminine sign, like Cancer or Taurus. Aries is ruled by Mars, God of war and without the appropriate guidance, the Aries lunations can trigger wars and violence as the natural imbalance and struggle between male and female is ignited.

When I say male and female, please know I do not mean man and woman. Both men and women have male/female energy and much of her, and others, work is geared towards a marriage of sorts between the sun/moon, yin/yang, action/reception, etc within each of us and the collective consciousness.

Therefore, an event like the Aries full moon, kissed by the penumbral lunar eclipse, is an amazing opportunity, on all levels and realms, to balance the warrior (Aries) the Goddess (Moon) and create healing.

Our guide this cycle is the element of fire. Fire meditation, burning ceremony, fire dancing, etc are all wonderful activities. The energy is so strong, though, that in order to receive it successfully, we do not want to over do. Aries brings out the agro in us all and something as simple as lighting a candle out under the moon, maybe doing some slow breathing and a few warrior yoga poses or stances from martial arts or Tai Chi, along with open meditation, can be just the ticket.

How can you honor the warrior and the goddess in a way that is receptive and supportive? How can you be open to receive the shadow of illumination being whispered to you on the lunar eclipse without letting our own ego and agenda muffle the message?

Our world hangs in a delicate balance today. Coming through the 2012 portals and the mutability of 2013, there has been dramatic upheaval personally, politically, environmentally and socially. The difference between tilting towards destruction and shifting into restructure is exactly the teeter totter game being played by Aries and Scorpio this month. But they do not play alone. We all have weight in this one, but it’s tricky. It starts in our hearts, in our emotional and subtle bodies. Don’t give into the desire for drama this week. Slow down, ground, listen, breathe. But do all those things focusing on the fire within, your passion, your flame, your power and truth. Fan it, play with it, dance with it, let it sing and write and cry.The illumination will come. So will the healing.

Many blessings to you, and all beings, on this sacred full moon.

New Moon Purging

new-moon-purging Tonight is a night many Pagans observed the New Moon, having precious little time in our busy world to do it on the weekday. Tonight I attended a new group in Hollywood to see if we would be a good fit for each other. The New Moon is an introspective time, one to contemplate one’s inner work and the things that hold us back. It requires that we be honest with ourselves about our shortcomings and issues and work towards moving past them. In this Libra Moon, the New Moon right after the Autumn Equinox, the Children of Hecate especially, and many strong Pagans who follow other paths, begin the work of letting go of what no longer serves us – bad habits, tempers, intolerance and so forth. Even deeper, but easily discerned for those who are honest with themselves, are those things that bring out anger in us about others. This is a very clear sign of those things that bother us about ourselves – the shortcomings and failings we possess. Our physical reality, including our surroundings, our work – right down to the friends and lovers we take on in life – mirror our inside world. That is why they distress us so much to see them in others – they remind us of ourselves. Tonight we each charged a black candle with all the things that hold us back, the things we want to get rid of in preparation for Parting the Veil next month at Samhain. We were instructed to burn it down to the ground outside to symbolically release those negative things we put into them during ritual. I have not participated in a ritual with others for a long time, let alone done such intensive work. Tonight changes that. May your deep introspections be enlightening, beneficial and blessing. )O( Luna

Monday’s Lunar Pic – Silvery Moons


The moon and silver have been associated with each other since the first woman walked the cool Earth and gazed upon her quiet, serene beauty. Its lunar surface, reflected back to us in silvery light, was so obviously opposite from the garish light of the sun that she had to be its polar opposite; cool as opposed to the sun’s heat, quiet and as reflective as the water she drives in Earth’s tides. The tides that whisper in a woman’s womb each month, so of course the moon was feminine in nature. Wear her with quiet pride, with love, with the secret sign to all those women that know that Moon imparts all her Sacred Mysteries to her human daughters.


The Whocate Project


“That Which You Believe Becomes Your World”

The Whocate Project is about celebrating myself as I truly am. Just before my 50th birthday this past December 30th, I realized now more than ever that what I have been writing about in my 13-year off-and-on story project is me on many levels.

It started out as an online role playing game with a dear friend in Canada. We RP’d for about 4 years, then as happens in life, we wrote less and less, saw each other less and less on line and eventually went our separate ways. I didn’t realize at the time something important beyond writing was happening, taking shape, showing me my inner world and yet was a reflection of it in the real world. As we stopped writing and real life swallowed up my time and attention, I forgot the essence of the magic in those stories that was trying to tell me what I really and truly am.

Capricorns sometimes take forever to learn their life lessons, a few of which are to be true to your inner self, be happy with who you are and finding your bliss. My sign fits me to a tee, it seems, as now, at the half-century mark, I am finally coming into alignment with who and what I am and can potentially be.

So who is Whocate? For me, she has been my inner developing world, a creative force, a reflection of my inner self in the physical world around me. I see her and influences of her every time I hold a dragonfly, pluck the strings of a harp, meditate and look up into an evening sky at the moon in any of her phases.  She is what I learned is my potential, the results of my inner world reflecting into the real world through studying it in the pages of books such as Mind Magic, How to Master Life and Magical Use of Thought Forms.

She is me. And though her story and mine are not done yet, this is where we have been, where we are now and where we are going…

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