Looking for handcrafted, unique Ear Cuffs & Earrings? Parasols & Pouches? Cosplay Items or Home Decorations? KC Dragonfly and her sister shop, The Ears Have It, are your online specialty boutiques for all this and more.

Our three collections, each with their own personality, reflect those special moments in our lives.

  • Reflections—A line of beautifully crafted and Beaded Bottles allows you to keep your fondest memories close to you.
  • Adornment—The decorative Parasols, Pouches and Jewelry in this collection are reminiscent of a more romantic era, when life itself was simpler.
  • Expressions—This line of Doctor Who and Cosplay-Inspired fun was created by especially by KC Dragonfly’s Owner, Kristine Cherry so that you could live out your fantasies while having the time of your life in one of the fastest-growing phenomenas in Fandom.

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