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“Thank you! Thank you so very much for making and donating these lovely parasols. They help us to make our event as well as raise money for our cause.” – Greater Clermont Cancer Foundation

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I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciated your thoughtfulness and kind note. I will return again to shop at your store. Many thanks, S.

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“Your design is so beautiful, I am really excited and grateful that you are doing this commission!”

Fannishliss, MD

“The earrings you made are beautiful! And mom’s pillow smells so good. Thanks for helping Kristen with her gifts.”

Mary R., FL

LOVE THEM! My wife thinks they are too much (over the top, not money) which is perfect as she is an aquarian whose favorite color is grey. LOL!

They are exactly what I wanted! YOU ROCK, Luna!


So pretty! I love it! (Celtic Purple Earcuff in Sterling Silver & Niobium) Customer service was fantastic. She went above and beyond to be super nice.


Received the Seaweed Dangle ear cuffs today. The are ABSOLUTELY gorgeous! Don’t know why these were not grabbed by someone else sooner. Do you have any tips/advice on care? They are SO shiney! How would you recommend I maintain their wonderful appearance?

J. Chapman

Ms. Cherry,

Received the parasol today! It was just perfect. My daughter needs it for an upcoming National Dance Competition. Fast delivery, superbly made. (Gothic Lolita Parasol on Etsy)


Cyn & Natalie

…wanted to let everyone know I got my order from KC Dragonfly, and it’s absolutely AWESOME!!! I wore my fairy ear cuff out yesterday, and just adore my new business card holder – like a little leather purse with gold chain strap and glittery gold dragonfly ornaments. I even splurged on some business cards so I have something to put in it!! I’m not normally a purse-carrying kind of girl – but in this case I m going to have to make an exception! Thanks SO much!!
Brightest Blessings,

J. Matthews

Hi Luna,

I received my order, and it sat here ’til I got back in town. But opened it and all I can say is (WOW!)

Robin A, IL

I bought this parasol to compliment a “burlesque” red and black ensemble for a musical festival. It is beautiful…well crafted, nice materials with beautiful red fringe and lace detail. I received many compliments. I especially like the diminutive span of the parasol, was easy to walk around without bipping people on the mind. Would definitely buy from KCDragonfly again!!

C. Moses

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! (Celtic Purple Earcuff and Matching Earring in Sterling Silver & Niobium)

J.B. Howe

Just wanted to let you know that I received the tiger stripe necklace today. WOW Really like it!!! Thanks so much and hope you have a Merry Christmas.

D. Trail
Neoga, IL


I just got the cell bag I ordered from you. It is gorgeous and I’m really stoked with the quality of materials and workmanship. I must say to everyone, the photos on the site don’t really do this item justice. I know the person intended will love this gift.

bw bb


I got a custom cell phone bag from Luna of and I am SO impressed! I have sewn for years and know what to look for; Luna has great attention to detail, makes tight seams and casings for the drawstring. I have a GORGEOUS purple bag that looks like water somehow (ok, in the Faerie realm maybe LOL), with velvet stars and moons and an antique-silver dragonfly in the middle. It’s fully lined and has a drawstring and has saved my phone and earpiece from being lost on more than one occasion!

I also got a beautiful goddess earcuff from her that has a matching earring – lovely, quality work. I am really impressed with her customer service and the work she does. I highly recommend her site!


Melissa, Amethyst Cottage

I LOVE THE EARRINGS!!! I have to hide them, as soon as my daughters saw them they wanted them. lol




Beautiful item (Goth Egyptian Earcuff)…quick delivery. Thank You.


I must admit I thought it (Mae West Black & White cosplay Parasol with Ribbons) was going to be a bit bigger, but its perfect none the less! and thinking about it, parasols were much more dainty back then, and the handle is the perfect length for me. it feels like it was made just for me; thank you.


Thanks for converting to cuffs for me! They look fantastic!

J. Chapman

WOW – Love this bottle – just beautiful – perfect actually. Fast shipping, great packaging, nice seller – highly recommended! Thank You!


The candle smells sooooo good, I almost don’t want to burn it! And my son confiscated the bag for his Durga pendant…lol…he had barely gotten home from school before saying “Oooooh, can I have that bag?” How could I resist?


Thanks for the goodies, they will be well used!

….many blessings,

* Serenity *

Purposeful Magicks

I ordered the black Celtic Knot cell phone bag from KC Dragonfly and it came yesterday – it’s so gorgeous! The level of quality just isn’t represented with justice in the photos, and it’s so soft!

My little girl likes to snatch it out of my purse and hold it against her face. 🙂 My only complaint is that my cell is a bit big for the bag – it goes in with no problem, but the antennae isn’t completely covered. Sounds like the perfect reason to buy a new cell, ’cause I’m not giving up this little treasure bag!

Kudos to you EarthDaughter!


Picture looks great but even prettier in person! I love them (Egyptian Ankhs – gold-filled earcuff and earring set)

P. Webster

Fast shipping, friendly service, love these cute little jars! Thanks!


Wow … friendly service … fast shipping … very pleased! 5*


This (Picture Jasper Ankh Ear cuff) is gorgeous!! Wonderful customer service! 🙂


Your design is so beautiful, I am really excited and grateful that you are doing this commission!
M. Sites

From the 10/13 bash! I ordered the black Celtic Knot cell phone bag from EarthDaughter Arts and it came yesterday – it’s so gorgeous! The level of quality just isn’t represented with justice in the photos, and it’s so soft! My little girl likes to snatch it out of my purse and hold it against her face. 🙂 I’m not giving up this little treasure bag!


GORGEOUS! love love love it! oh yes! send it this a-way! *grin* can’t wait to wear it! thanks so much!

S. Raevyn

I wanted to let you know that I got my order yesterday. Very nice. This looks just like the cell phone holder on the website. Are the two items the same- this had a strap like a purse would have.

Again, Thanks bunches! Shar

Very cooperative matching up colors I needed. Thank you.

M. Tarr, Xmas in the Plaza, December 2000

Cool stuff!
Wolf Read, Baycon, May 2001

KC Dragonfly feedback- M Stewart