Day 1 – 2014 So. Cal. Bead Shop Hop – Store #2 – Beadiak, Agoura Hills



On the way home from Creative Castle, I stopped in The Beadiak in Agoura Hills, CA. I had never been in this store, despite it being on the way home for me for years.


I got a very vibrant, “Aloha!” the second I walked in. The owner was very friendly and had on a necklace featuring the most beautiful blue and green orchid I had ever seen. When I commented on it, she told me they sell them at the store and they are imported from Hawaii. They come in with genus and specie names, are dipped in preservative and stay beautiful forever due to the preserving process. All I can say about them is, “I WANT THE BLUE/GREEN ONE!!!”.

Here’s what you can expect at The Beadiak when you hit it them on your Shop Hop tour:

Theme – Hawaii.

Charm – a BEAUTIFUL, red hibiscus flower.

Discounts – 20% off your entire purchase on your next visit.

Gifts with purchase – Spending at least $20 gets you a nifty gift bag AND the choice of a second charm. It was a dragonfly. They are my favorite, new shop!

Blown glass dragonfly focal beads had me sighing in the corner. I am little hard on delicate items and it would have been broken within a few days if I had caved in and bought it, so I let it go. After a few minutes of scoping out the area, I zeroed in on large tubes of Size 14 seed beads in breathtaking, candy-liked shades of blue, purple and green.


I got off lucky pocket book-wise at this store, but it wasn’t for lack of trying. The colors could go with the O & Dagger beads I snagged at Creative Castle, but they are so tiny, they may need to have a project all their own. We’ll see. Tomorrow – Store #3, Day Two – Bead Station

Kristine Cherry

Owner of KC Dragonfly.

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