AMC Banning Moviegoers In Costume As Security Beefs Up Nationwide

Okay, I was going to keep this out of my blog – the blog I want to be a sanctuary for non-real-world stuff. The blog that celebrates cosplay and fun. But now I’m pissed.

You’ve been living under a rock if you haven’t heard about the terrible tragedy today in Colorado when a gun-wielding maniac mercilessly mowed down a midnight premiere audience watching Batman: The Dark Knight Rises. A dozen dead, 50 or more injured, including a 3-month old. It’s enough to make you want to get off the internet and take some real-world action, like protesting, skinning this sick idiot alive or throttling the parents of this murderer for raising a psychopath, or hanging our impotent U.S. politicians for accepting no blame or responsibility for what went down today and NOW everyone even vaguely connected to today’s abomination are blowing reactions completely out of proportion.

AMC, like any other entity fingers are getting pointed at, is clutching their shriveled balls and wailing, “We aren’t going to allow any guests into theaters ‘in costumes that make other guests feel uncomfortable and we will not permit face-covering masks or fake weapons inside our buildings“.

Really? REALLY?!?

This affects the community I participate in. The community I associate with. The community who’s people I dearly LOVE.

Let’s look at the facts here, people, once you stop clutching your non-existent nuts, close your mouths and open your ears and minds.

Number One – the shooter had red/orange hair. This asshole may have claimed to be the Joker, but all the Batman movies I went to, the Joker had green hair. If he was going to pull off any convincing character in his last moments on Earth, he could have at least gotten the color right. But, oh yeah, every other person I see on the street and 65% of the costumers and non-costumers I see at any and all conventions I regularly attend have some sort of tint, dye or anime type color to their hair!

Number Two – and this is a big one – HE WASN’T IN COSTUME!!! How hard, how loud, HOW LONG do I have to wail to hammer this fact into the idiots that are trying to do their own version of racial profiling on the Cosplay community?!? Dark clothes and flack gear do not a costume make! The Joker never wore them, but apparently any person who wants to survive the hordes of SWAT, FBI and police officers that are going to take him down will wear them. DUH!

Excuse me, AMC, but who are you to judge “costumes that make other guests feel uncomfortable “? I shared a post on Facebook this week of a clever makeup artist who painted large, freakish anime eyes on a girl. That weirded me out seeing it in real life, but I would never assume anyone with anime eyes was a gun-toting murderer!

Now I may have the opinion that the Batman movies of the last two decades or so have been so darkly violent they attract these kinds of people. Even Heath Ledger had nightmares due to his role as the Joker and it might have driven him to overdose, who knows? But this nutjob’s sense of couture DOES NOT GIVE AMC ANY EXCUSE TO PENALIZE COSTUMERS FOR A MENTALLY ILL PERSON’S BEHAVIOR!

AMC, your only crime is that you left a door ajar and someone snuck in without a ticket. How were you or anyone else to know that it would be someone who would give your theater or the Dark Knight a real-life bad name?

Kristine Cherry

Owner of KC Dragonfly.

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