Famous (anime) girls with parasols – Hatsune Miku

It has been confirmed at the Anime Expo website and on their Facebook page that Hatsune Miku will be one of their concert guests this year. After doing a google image search on her, I was amazed to find animations of her, pvc figures and cosplayers showing off their versions of her costume. I wasn’t even sure if she was real – was she an anime, a manga  or a real person? Turns out she is at least two of those…a “virtual” singer who gives “live” concerts whilst projected against a special background. Gotta love those Japanese for coming up with a new spin on live concerts. This I gotta see!

(Thanks to Ziqi for reposting this from CottonCandy’s blog so I got the chance to see her! Ziqi’s blog is at http://news.monsterlittle.com/?p=3211
Visit CottonCandy at http://cottondream.blogspot.com/2009/04/nendoroid-miku-attack.html)

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