Updated Semi-Precious Stone List

Updated Semi-Precious Stone List

(Left to right: Amethyst, Amethyst faceted, Aqua Terra Jasper – red, Bamboo, Brillante Agate – orange, Botswana Agate – varied faceted, Botswana Agate – red faceted, Botswana Agate – black/white striped, Hematite Jasper, Iolite – pink dyed, Leopard Jasper, Rhyolite, Sunstone/Goldstone – faceted, Tigerseye – brown, Tigerseye – red, Unakite.)

To say life has been tits-up since my last blog post is a frigging understatement. Now, the weekend California is starting to relax and get back to normal, I am also updating my Etsy store listings. Orders have begun to pick up this past month, so I owe it to my customers to make sure everything is in stock and bring them something new and pretty!

The Azurite/Malachite Feather ear cuff/earring set has 15 stones available to choose from. I am hoping yet again to update this list as soon as I find my stock of Azurite/Malachite beads (found ’em !). They got buried somewhere in my stock and as soon as I dig them out, I will list them as also available.

The stone size is 5-6 mm. I have smaller ones available in different stones such as Blackstone, Bloodstone, Burma Jade and Brown Tiger’s Eye, but they don’t look well with this design. Still, if you want to custom order an ear cuff with them, I’ll be more than happy to create it for you and send you a preview of what it looks like. Just contact me here.

Stay safe everyone. I don’t like wearing masks any more than the next damn rebellious American, but it appears our idiot California Governor is relaxing retail restrictions – that and the food and retail industries are just fed up with his bullshit and opening up anyways, so hopefully it’ll be done soon. /rant


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