Be Gone, Ever so Boldly, Into the Light…

Leonard Nimoy tribute by John Brewer
Leonard Nimoy tribute by John Brewer

The death of Leonard Nimoy today sealed the deal in two weeks already made bad by business and personal troubles. But somehow losing my largest website client, getting sick yet again, $600 car troubles and a client landing in the hospital seem trivial to losing someone so important to the entire world.

There are no words

What can I say that has not already been said by his family, fans and his fellow crewmates? Mr. Nimoy’s character of Mr. Spock on Star Trek was the only thing that kept me sane through my formative years. He and my father shared the same stoic outlook on life, the same calm exterior, the same dry sense of humor and love of science. “Spock” was there while my “weekend” dad toiled away at a swing shift job to keep our family fed. Science fiction was my anchor in a dysfunction world. And holding that anchor telling me to never give up was the father-figure of Leonard Nimoy’s character Mr. Spock.

When we don’t have good role models growing up, we often turn to whatever is in our environment as a substitute. If we are smart and lucky, we pick the good people. The ones who DO NOT give in to anger or hatred, vice or corruption, weakness or malice. I was so very, very lucky it was a strong character of morale fiber that was acted out so beautifully by Mr. Nimoy.

Nothing all week – not L.A.’s city’s business betrayal, not financial worries, not being sick was enough to make me break. It took the moment of silence when all of that nonsense stopped – that small stuff we all go through – and I realized I and the world had lost an irreplaceable treasure in the man and the character that had touched so much of the world and all of my friends. It was then and only then that I finally lost it and cried.

Live long and prosper, Leonard Nimoy. Be Gone, Ever so Boldly, Into the Light…

Live Long and Prosper Leonard Nimoy

Kristine Cherry

Owner of KC Dragonfly.

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  1. A beautiful tribute Kristine. It got me, I actually made all day until now.I was never lucky enough to meet Mr. Nimoy, but we can be sure he’s catching Gene,Majel, Deforest & James up on all they’ve missed.

  2. I weep with you, for very nearly all the same reasons. Such a man, so much comfort and hope from his art and heart. The nice part is that I know he knew how important his crafted character was to so many of us. He seemed to embrace that and honor it more in his later years, instead of sitting on the resentment of being typecast for most of his career. The world is less than now for losing him, but so much more than before he touched us. He will live on.

  3. This is beautiful and well written. I also have had a horrible time of it these past few months between my “brother” Richie, stuff with my family and my job. This was not a well timed announcement for me either.

    My dad was a huge Star Trek fan. He would lay on the floor and watch the reruns and I would lay against him. He wanted me to love the show as much as he did. Spock was his top favorite and in fact, my dad just needed his hair combed correctly and a pair of ears and he’d have been an excellent Vulcan. I also related to Spock – intelligent, calm, cool, emotionally steady but every so often would have a total meltdown then reboot back to being just fine. Oh, how I relate. He was also very concerned with following his spiritual path and I loved that they gave us glimpses into Vulcan culture and spirituality every so often.

    Hollywood has lost its fair share of stars over the past few years. Robin William’s passing last summer definitely occupied much of my facebook newsfeed the 24 hours following, but I have to say, Nimoy’s passing seems to be even more far reaching, which is saying a lot. I think that most of the generations alive today felt it, from the elders in his own generation to the youngest who know Mr. Spock from the new movies (which he was in, however briefly). This is a soul that will truly be missed. He’s not just a pop culture icon.

  4. Your words are so kind and poetic. I will miss him, too, even though I thought he would live forever. I have striven to emulate the ideals his character Mr. Spock expressed, but he was also a great actor who should have won the Emmys he was nominated for. He never did. And now, those who cared to snub him in his life are regretting it. It is not often that fiction resonates so well, but Spock will take his place among the icons like Sherlock Holmes and Superman, and his lines will become part of the common meme. It is a better reward than a statue, IMHO. So never forget, but go boldly on without him. He would want you to.

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