Hack Your Wedding – An Etsy article that’s great for planning brides

If you are an up and coming bride who’s in the planning stages for your wedding, you want to check out this article on Etsy. Even the comments have great suggestions on how to keep yourself in budget and still have your dream wedding. Like the author, I had never heard the term, “wedding hack”, but in this age of computers, it is amusingly appropriate. Don’t let the big, bad wedding industry take all you money and leave nothing for the honeymoon. Plan ahead and buy from Etsy dealers who specialize in making your day one you will never forget.

Even though our wedding was way back in ’89, the principals of wedding hacking were the same then. We looked at our budget and worked with what we had. Sometimes an unexpected expense comes up when you hack. Our wedding was at a local historical Rancho outside of Los Angeles and we didn’t expect the need for a public gathering permit from the city (which I would warn all local brides about), but if the venue is below your budgeted cost and it doesn’t kick it over, you still have a win in picking it. They had a beautiful rose garden and a building to move the ceremony into in case it rained (though in May, the chances of that were way out there).

Another interesting thing I have noticed recently is that the big wedding shows are suffering. I helped out at a local wedding show in Orange County, CA last November and attendance was pathetically small even though it was at the Anaheim Convention Center (a HUGE venue) and the wedding dress fashion show was done by a major dress retailer. More and more brides are going the route of their budget and are becoming wise to those who want them to part with all their money and have nothing left over for the wedding. This is good for us Etsy sellers, so be sure to do the best for our customers and give them the beautiful wedding they deserve while still coming in on THEIR budget, not our sales goals.

Kristine Cherry

Owner of KC Dragonfly.

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