Products Added Week of July 25th, 2010

The convention was fun and it is always refreshing to get away from the studio, but I have started back so recently on jewelry-making, I am still fired up and want to keep working…the heck with networking, the heck with the computer (that makes my husband’s mouth open in shock, believe me), the heck with sleeping and eating and such. It is true that when you do what you love, one doesn’t want to stop and one wakes up not being able to wait to do what they love. With me, it has been a similar experience except that I work late into the night and weirdly need much less sleep than usual…four hours can do me just fine and I can do that for days. Strange, but that might be my gothy nature peeking out.

I wasn’t able to begin any new projects this week, but have put up some pieces that escaped previewing last week. Here you will find more diachroics and a spiderweb-like necklace…my journey into the realm of asymmetrical design.

Spiderweb Necklace – 14k gold and crystal. $49.95.
Diachroic earrings – Blood Red – $19.95 Diachroic earrings – Powder Blue – $19.95
Diachroic earrings – Purple – $19.95 Diachroic earrings – Turquoise Green – $19.95
Still working on the “special new product”. The prototype is proving to be a challenge and while one version was worked out, the further work on it needs tweaking. It is slow going as I have to work on it inbetween the regular work of redesigning old product, coming up with new and sprinkling it across the ‘net like fairy dust. Still, it is exciting enough that enthusiasm for its premiere makes me attack the project with constantly renewing determination. I won’t rest until it is done!
Kristine Cherry

Owner of KC Dragonfly.

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