An Etsy conversation – How do you get out of your creative ruts?

Understanding why we get into a “rut” helps deal with the issue and keeps us from getting frustrated. The word “rut” definitely misinterprets the problem. Our brains are designed to work in balance, the left hemisphere with the right and vice versa. Because one is adept at analytical issues and the other at abstract and creative concepts, overworking either one trips a “time out” switch that stalls our efforts. It is then time to move on to something else – for me the more opposite the diversion, the better. Gardening, designing a website, doing house chores all reset (or reboot as us nerds call it) my brain so I can go back to my bags or parasols with a fresh perspective.

It is important for every creative artist to find their most effective distraction. For some like me, it is something as opposite the creative arts as possible, i.e. something that engages logic, calculations or chores. For others it is turning to the inspiration found in their fellow artist’s projects, however they are found on the internet, through books, art galleries and of course, in the amazing patterns and designs found in nature and the universe themselves. It does not matter how or where you find the source, the important thing is you expand your awareness to include something else in this universe that will refresh your mind and eventually allow you to return to the project and either complete it or move on.

Remember, everything in nature – and we all are a part of nature – is cyclic. Every person, place, project and thing has its time to bloom, and pushing it when it isn’t ready or the time is not ready for it, does both you and your project a disservice.

Kristine Cherry

Owner of KC Dragonfly.

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