A Review of Bead Creator Pro 6

A Review of Bead Creator Pro 6

BeadCreator Professional version 6“They USED to be very good about getting back to people within a couple of days, BUT I have sent multiple emails recently and they never respond. I am trying to get an activation key for the version on my laptop. I tried twice last year and three times so far in January. They pulled down their Zendesk support and are going through their company directly now (usually companies do this when they can no longer financially support outsourcing their tech support), so they may be having problems that way, but there is no way to know at this point.

From what I have seen on this board and in other reviews is that the first key they give you to their “magic number” NEVER WORKS and they ALWAYS have to give you another one. This is apparently a flaw in the program that was never addressed by their programmers. I have been working with BCP Pro for many, many years now (at least 7) and it ALWAYS crashes due to memory issues on two of my desktop PCs.

It is my hope they fix their tech support issues soon and get back to the quick, helpful customer services we have all enjoyed in the past, but as of now, I am switching to BeadTool as I have been told by expert, professional patterns sellers that it is the industry standard. Sorry, BeadCreator Pro, but my love affair with your difficult-to-work-with program is on hold and quite possibly, over.”

our review left on craftaholique.com, 1/31/20

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