Craft Stores Now OPEN

Craft Stores Now OPEN

craft jars at Michaels

It was such a relief Friday to be able to just walk into a Michaels craft store and look around even if I couldn’t buy anything. Ever since the lockdown and they and JoAnns have been closed to pick-up only service, I wondered how I would deal with it. It shot down my plans to keep my mind off the pandemic by working on creative projects – what if I needed something in the middle of what I was making? I couldn’t just run over there and grab it. The first day I needed something, I ordered it from JoAnns and it took THREE DAYS for it to be ready for pick up. I had made sure it was something I didn’t need to create something – it was just a large self-healing mat to place underneath a new production table, but wow, it showed me how much I rely on local craft stores, maybe too much.

ADDENDUM: As I knew they would (and told my husband), JoAnns opened up the NEXT DAY. Sadly, their organization’s communication and organizational skills are a TRAIN WRECK ’cause I called them Wednesday to find out when they would be open and I was told, “July 1st”. They just COULDN’T STAND seeing their competition open a full month before them.

Kristine Cherry

Owner of KC Dragonfly.

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