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I quickly found a theme betwixt and between the three shops I reviewed this week: paper and communication. Paper crafts, greeting cards and handmade journals…the connection was immediately obvious and one that I love.

How impersonal emails are when you get a million of them a day. How out of touch we can be with ourselves when our own hand is no more involved in writing our journey than tapping on a keyboard! Paper has always fixed this. Being of the “older generation”, I love the smell of paper, the personal touch of holding something written by someone else. Fascinated with calligraphy after my sister sent me something written in the flowery script, I taught myself the mysterious art when I was 12. Much later I wrote the lyrics to my and my future husband’s favorite song in calligraphy and gave it to him as a present. Knowing it has always been a special gift that is made even more precious by how little it is used today.

So, please peruse these samplings from these wonderful shops. The prices are right – treat yourself to a special gift of communication that will be remembered.

Slim Leather Journal, Embossed, Hand-Bound, 
4.5 x 6 Journal – 64 Pages – by The Orange Windmill


Grinning Pumpkin, Halloween Greeting Card,
Blank Inside by Empty on the Inside

Blue, Green, and Turquoise Hummingbird Hello Card
by Creativity Bugs

More links for these vendors:

TheOrangeWindmill –

EmptyOnTheInside  –
Facebook page:

Creativity Bugs –

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Kristine Cherry

Owner of KC Dragonfly.

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