The Day of the Moon


Silver crescent moons and pale blue, pearl-like beads. The colors of our Sterling Silver Pale Moon ear cuff and Earring collection reflects the beauty of the moon. The series comes in many styles that can be mixed and matched.

Earrings that make your Mondays special days

Mondays can be days of chaos at the office, hustling kids off to school and planning projects tackle for the week, but your Moon-day evening is your own sacred time. Treasure it, especially if you are nocturnal or it’s just your wind-down-from-the-day-time at home.

Center and ground yourself and all that crazy energy so you can find a place of peace and serenity. For me, Saturdays are that time, especially when I can see a setting crescent moon on my back porch, surrounded by plants, trees, incense and candles. This time is for the feminine in anyone and everyone. Nurture it with what floats your boat on a moonlit evening.


Complimentary Colors that match

Make it made even more special when you dress for the occasion. Cool whites (like the moon), dark blues and blacks always harmonize with lunar energies. Even better when you can go to the beach and walk its sandy shores with the lulling surf in the background! Pick something loose-fitting that floats on the breezes and is comfortable. Take time to reach down to the sand or earth and dig your hands in, calm your mind and listen to your surroundings. It has much to tell us if we would only stop and listen.

The book Spell Crafts reminds us blue is for healing, peace, psychism, patience and happiness. The color of the water, symbol of the ocean, sleep, twilight and the sky. To the Zuni Indians it was used to represent the West, Land of the Dead – our final resting place, along with the setting sun. Whenever I can catch a setting sun and start out my time with the moon that night, it is always a good meditation!

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Virgo Full Moon: Water & Earth Thursday March 5th 10:05am PST

Virgo Full Moon 2015

I have been receiving the wisdom of a local Moon Sister for some time now. Her interpretations into each month’s full moon, the influence of its resident sign and how we can best utilize these energies has been in depth, valuable are and always helpful to me. I want to share them with you here in the hopes you will also find them of value. Please feel free to leave a comment or share your experience that we all may benefit from this wonderful knowledge. Namaste.

Virgo Full Moon: Water & Earth
Thursday March 5th 10:05am PST

It is raining as I write this, something we have not gotten enough of in Southern California in the past year, and something I have grown incredibly grateful for. As I listen to the sweet sound, I am reminded how much earth needs water and water needs earth. Even though this month started with a hybrid Aquarius/Pisces new moon, the sun is now fully in Pisces watery realm and the full moon waxing above will be in the mutable earth sign of Pisces celestial dance partner, Virgo. But even outside of the mutable energy, in astrology, earth is usually paired with water, and fire with air. I think about that sometimes. All of the elements naturally work together and support each other. We need all the elements to full thrive on this planet. But there is a quality to water and earth that brings power, just as it comes to fire and air.

Balance or imbalance, as the dance of human life is always one of pulsation and duality. When water and earth work together as they are right now, Pisces bringing cleansing rain that lulls us into a state of deep dreaming and rest, preparing us as the offering of water into earth; earth as Virgo that is working to awaken for the upcoming spring equinox, full of seed and potential soon to blossom and bring abundance.

But sometimes, we get too much water into earth and seeds drown and lose the soil, mud slides, flood and more can occur, devastating the crops and endangering the harvest. Or, there is not enough water, and the earth is dry, brittle, unable to find the fecundity needed to bring life forth. We experienced that drought last year, and it was frightening and humbling.

It is a delicate dance and one we have little control over, as Pisces teaches. Pisces is the last and oldest of all the signs, and she shows us the importance of surrender and higher source. Ruled by Neptune, which can activate our psychic intuition or fog up the mind, Pisces water is a flow that needs it’s partner.

Virgo, as an earth sign ruled by Mercury, is a unique vibration. I used to question what mutable earth means, anyway? How can earth, that which is meant to be solid, also be mutable? Another Pisces teaching, nothing is what it seems. And in Virgo’s case, it’s mutability is explored through the human body, another seeming solid form that is constantly evolving, or through sand, which was once stone, and now slides through fingers, reminding us that we are all changing all the time. What is it that turns stone to sand? Water.

Virgo is the healer, ruling the energy of the body, Virgo is the karma yogi, she who is of service, who offers herself to the strength of the water to be molded and shifted into what spirit needs her to be. Virgo is a mystery, her name coming from the word Virgin, which actually refers to the truth that she belongs to herself. She is whole unto herself, even though she is always changing. She is also allied with the critic, the perfectionist, which can happen if she is not able to act in service, to belong to herself or to be in relationship with the healing waters that are part of her dance.

The month ahead has many more offerings for us, particularly on the the 20th where a new moon/total solar eclipse and spring equinox occur. When the Virgo full moon peaks, it is our chance to get grounded, get grateful and get into action in the spirit of service and change. The Virgo healing starts within, so cleansing your body and home is a great opening. If Pisces has you drowning, get out onto the earth or onto a yoga mat to dry out a bit. If you are feeling like you are lacking the Piscean connection, allow water to join your full moon ritual through taking a steam or soaking in a tub. Virgo likes action and especially with her hands. She is happiest in motion, so stretch, swim, touch, write, weed, clean, etc, etc. As long as you do it with the intention of healing service, the movements will be intuitive and guided.

As challenges and changes arise, remember that under the Pisces sun, we are all one, and it is all an illusion. And under the Virgo moon, though you feel the separateness and stability of your body, mind and the earth, the unity and balance is available to you, through service and healing. And if either of those words are too abstract for you, ask that giant early spring moon how you can be of service to bring about healing for yourself and the world. Ask it to the water, the moon, the earth and as you drift off to dream.

I pray for the continuing cleansing blessings of water, and for the abundance, beauty and healing of earth. I pray for the balance within, without, above and below of the elements as we humble ourselves through the last weeks of winter and head into the new season. Happy full moon!

Be Gone, Ever so Boldly, Into the Light…

Leonard Nimoy tribute by John Brewer
Leonard Nimoy tribute by John Brewer

After a miserable two weeks of losing my largest website client to the machinations of the heartless City of Los Angeles, after getting sick *again*, after $600 car troubles and my sweetest client landing in the hospital due to a person who NEVER should have been hired to be a “caregiver”, I get the final blow to seal the deal with the death of Leonard Nimoy today.

What can I say that has not already been said by his family, fans and his fellow crewmates? Mr. Nimoy’s character of Mr. Spock on Star Trek was the only thing that kept me from slitting my wrists when faced with bullies all through my formative years. So much like my dad – they shared the same stoic outlook on life, the same calm exterior, the same dry sense of humor and love of science, Spock was there while my “weekend” dad toiled away at a swing shift job to keep our family fed. Science fiction was my anchor in a dysfunction world and holding that anchor telling me to never give up was the father-figure of Leonard Nimoy’s character Mr. Spock.

When we don’t have good role models growing up, we often turn to whatever is in our environment as a substitute. If we are smart and lucky, we pick the good people. The ones who DO NOT give in to anger or hatred, vice or corruption, weakness or malice. I was so very, very lucky it was a strong character of morale fiber that was acted out so beautifully by Mr. Nimoy.

Nothing all week – not L.A.’s betrayal, not financial worries, not being sick was enough to make me break. It took the moment of silence when all of that nonsense stopped – that small stuff we all go through – and I realized I and the world had lost an irreplaceable treasure in the man and the character that had touched so much of the world and all of my friends. It was then and only then that I finally lost it and cried.

Live long and prosper, Leonard Nimoy. Your journey to boldly go has just begun.

Live Long and Prosper Leonard Nimoy

Day 6 – 2014 So. Cal Bead Shop Hop – Store #10 – Garden of Beaden, Upland


Who knew Upland, CA was such a cute, quiet, sweet little town? That’s the impression we got rolling in off the 10 fwy and it was a welcome one. You can’t help but get antsy in that last stretch of the day – and the Hop – when you’re this close to finishing.


If I were in the middle of nowhere with the nearest other bead store 30 miles away, Garden of Beaden would fill my needs quite nicely. All the basics, and more to boot. There was an added bonus of some lovely vintage glass you don’t see in every store..kinda of like going to the sticks to find that one antique chair or table that’s the last of its kind. With a nice area in the back for classes, this is another one of those stores I can imaging the local secret society of Beadin’ Babes would hang out on Friday nights ordering pizza, trading tips and techniques and teaching those new to the craft their age-old rites.

It was a Jungle in there – no, literally a jungle, right out of the Jungle Book. The pineapple punch was particularly good and they were quite generous with the snacks. This store has a nice vibe, along with a steady, store-packed stream of Bead Shop Hoppers like us. When they showed us their Make n Take I was so tempted to stop and make it there, having gotten the Make n Take fever from the last store, but my stomach was growling and we had one last store stop before our victory dinner at Slater’s 50/50 in Pasadena. I could see my husband itching to get there as well.

Here’s what they offered –

Theme: The Jungle Book

Charm: a cute little monkey in silver or gold AND one that had moving parts and one that didn’t. I took a silver one that didn’t move and Dennis took one that did.

Goodies: A discount upon returning in the future. Not sure what they had as far as if you bought $25.00 or more as I was hanging on to those last dollars for dear life!

Not surprisingly low on funds set aside for this trip, the only item I picked up was their Make n Take Genie’s Lamp. It was just too darn cute to pass up!

After discussing the possibility of me teaching a class there, we jumped back in the car, enjoying what we could of the nice (and cooler) evening air settling in and headed for our Final Destination – Pasadena Bead & Design Company.

Bead Shop Hop Winners Announced

We interrupt this blog and store #10’s review to announce that the SCLBSA (Southern California Local Bead Store Association) announced the winners today of the So. Cal Bead Shop Hop.

The husband and I with our finished Bead Shop Hop passports

I knew today was announcement day, but was still surprised when my husband called saying a store had called him to say HE had won the Participation Prize! How did he do it?!? He had only signed up to do the LAST THREE STORES!!!

I told him on the drive home Saturday night that this would happen. That HE would win something and I wouldn’t and that would be the funny part of all of this. I just didn’t think my joke would actually come true!

Now I know what I’m getting for Christmas.

How to Make a Keepsake Charm Pendant

During the 2014 Southern California Bead Shop Hop, the Make n Take project at A Rolling Stone Beads in Redlands, CA was a necklace centerpiece which consists of a small photograph in a frame. There were pages of beautiful retro images featuring nature, bird’s nests, etc., but when I saw the page of Disney Frozen images, the one of Elsa somehow reached out, grabbed my hand and I was sitting down making not one but TWO necklaces! Here’s how we did it:

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Day 6 – 2014 So. Cal Bead Shop Hop – Store #9 – A Rolling Stone, Redlands


The Eastern most store in Region 1 of the Southern California Bead Shop Hop is way out in Redlands – about an hour and 40 minutes from my studio in the San Fernando Valley. So close to the Autumn Equinox and the season change into Fall, we were blessed with slightly cooler temperatures both at home and this far out into the desert. My husband, Dennis, being the chivalrous soul that he is, was willing to accompany me into the deepest regions of San Bernardino County IF we hit the Spaghetti Factory for their legendary mizithra cheese AND finished the day off with a trip to his newest favorite restaurant in Pasadena – Slaters 50/50.

It was an equitable trade for dragging him all over the county bead hopping.

This was the first of virgin territory bead stores for today, and, it turns out, the most fun. Easy to get to off the dead-ended 210/10 freeway junctions, a HUGE Bead Shop Hop sign gave no doubt we were where we were supposed to be. (That was a tricky sentence to write!).

This year’s Hop has themes of books and there was no friggin’ doubt what their book was when we were stared down by this imposing greeter RIGHT INSIDE THE DOOR!


This couldn’t be much more perfect this close to Halloween!

The friendly staff checked us in, giving us goodie bags and explaining the prizes and Make n Take on the cute little white desk behind us.

The Make n Take was necklace centerpiece of a small photograph in a frame. There were pages of beautiful retro images featuring nature, bird’s nests, etc., but when I saw the page of Disney Frozen images, the one of Elsa somehow reached out, grabbed my hand and I was sitting down making not one but TWO necklaces! To see the video tutorial on how I did it, go here.

This store really gets the prize for best presentation of theme throughout the 11 stores so far. The store had converted their classroom into this:

9-A-Rolling-Stone-wall-of-grandmas-house 9-A-Rolling-Stone-treats-at-grandmas-house  9-A-Rolling-Stone-wolf-in-bed-at-grandmas-house

So, here’s where the store fell as far as what every store was offering:

Theme: Little Red Riding Hood

Charm: The little girl from Little Red Riding Hood (complete with basket!).

Goodies: Wow, so many! A little cardboard basket stuffed FULL of beads (even the clasp was a button bead!), a bottle cap necklace pendant with Red Riding Hood on it for spending $25.00 or more, TWO spinners – one for what discount you got and one for an additional a charm like the one we made, but with a butterfly.

Now on to our haul:


There was no surprise after making the pendant and seeing how easy it was, that the haul is ALL pendant-oriented with complete supplies to make more. Top left, clockwise: 3D Crystal Lacquer, some BEAUTIFUL peacock pics for the centerpiece of the pendants, double-sided, sticky Jeweler’s Dots to hold the finished image firmly in the frame, crystal domes to protect the image and the frames to hold the whole thing together.

And here are the goodies we came out with:


What a great store! This, so far, as far as creativity and fun with their theme, was the crown jewel in Region 1.

Tomorrow – Garden of Beadin’, Upland.


Day 5 – 2014 So. Cal Bead Shop Hop – Store #8 – Beadahs, Santa Monica


Ahhhh….the store I have been waiting to do ever since the heat wave struck Southern California! We are finally within sight of the Pacific Ocean, walking distance from Santa Monica Boardwalk. Beadahs, you are a welcome sight for this heat-stroked bead hopper!

A block West of the fabled (at least the signs say it’s world-renowned) outdoor Third Street Promenade, Beadahs is tucked away amongst clothing stores and vegan restaurants. Steering VERY clear of the vegans (hard-core carnivore here, thank you), the husband and I have an easy time of finding our target. Yes, the heat has gotten to the significant other so much, he decided to follow me to cooler climes.


I love what they have done with their chosen book theme – The Great Gatsby. The greeter and staff are decked out in lovely 20’s dress. As we check in, we are given our charm and the chance to play a boardwalk game of tossing olive ping pong balls into champagne glasses. My aim only started to get better with the last couple of throws – which I bet happens to everyone. They still gave us a beady gift for trying and turned us loose to shop.

The store interior is a pleasant mix of touristy and African trade style with wooden trays, bamboo legged tables and ethnic decor. As usual, I hit the seed bead wall, then looked for unusual items.

With a budget wearing thin and three more stores left after this in order to complete Region 1, I was very picky about what I procured. Sometimes, yes, a girl can have too many beads – and definitely not enough time to do anything with them. I stuck with some beautiful, antique raspberry satin seed beads, an unusual, oval copper spacer bead tube and some STUNNING, iridescent insect wing beads I have been longing to get but have not seen in all seven stores until now.


Theme: The Great Gatsby

Charm: I believe it was an olive glass. I can’t locate the charm to confirm this, but that’s what I recall.

Goodies: a welcome bag of candy and a $5.00 off coupon with a $30 purchase in between October 31st – November 26th.

The Haul:


Clockwise, starting top left: iridescent insect wing beads, TierraCast Charm samples, oval Copper Spacer bead tube and Size 11 and 8 Raspberry Satin Seed Beads.

Beadahs was a fun store and a pleasure to visit. Thanks for the olive toss. Can I bring one home?

Next – A Rolling Stone, Redlands.