Post-Gallifrey 2023 Art Show & Etsy Store Sale

Post-Gallifrey 2023 Art Show & Etsy Store Sale
KC Dragonfly Gallifrey One 2023 Art Show Projects

What a fun and amazing Gallifrey One we had this year! The convention was back up to full attendance numbers (it sold out back in fall last year) and there were so many amazing cosplays! I want to give a shoutout to the Gallifrey One Photos Facebook Group for everyone’s photo dumps. Dennis and I knew we didn’t see everyone’s costume while we were there the three days, but wow! You never realize how many you miss or only saw once until you see all the wonderful pics in this generous group! If you love Doctor Who cosplay or just miss going to Gallifrey One, I highly recommend joining them.

So, with no sales last year from my last-minute art show entries, I changed display tactics when I lucked out and got the very last table display space for 2023. It made all the difference. I sold 5 out of 12 pieces, including;

Bracelets – 7th Doctor, I Love Doctor Who and my two newest creations; the LAX Marriott Carpet and Dalek “Bumps”.

Pen Wraps – LAX Marriott Carpet

Here are the pics for these newest goodies:

LAX Marriott Carpet Bracelet v 1.0

KC Dragonfly - LAX Marriott Carpet Bracelet v1

LAX Marriott Carpet Pen Wrap pen v 1.0

Dalek “Bumps” Bracelet v 1.0

KC Dragonfly - Dalek Bracelet v1

Dalek “Bumps” Pen Wrap v 2.0

KC Dragonfly - Dalek Pen Wrap v1

Post-Gallifrey One Art Show Etsy Sale!

Since my only copies of the Dalek “Bumps” Bracelet and the Marriott Carpet Bracelet and Pen Wrap sold, I have a few other goodies on sale you can take advantage of at 25% off right now;

11th Doctor Matt Smith “Bow Tie” Bracelet

5th Doctor Peter Davison Bracelet

Crack in the Universe 11th Doctor Bracelet

Dalek “Bumps” Pen Wrap v 2.0 (coming soon!)

Or, if you are a beader, you can snag the patterns for the;

Dalek “Bumps” Bracelet v 1.0

LAX Marriott Carpet Pen Wrap v 1.0

The Dalek “Bumps” Pen Wrap and LAX Marriott Carpet Bracelet patterns will be up later today and I’ll update this post with the links as soon as that happens.

Kristine Cherry

Owner of KC Dragonfly.

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