Day 5 – 2014 So. Cal Bead Shop Hop – Store #8 – Beadahs, Santa Monica


Ahhhh….the store I have been waiting to do ever since the heat wave struck Southern California! We are finally within sight of the Pacific Ocean, walking distance from Santa Monica Boardwalk. Beadahs, you are a welcome sight for this heat-stroked bead hopper!

A block West of the fabled (at least the signs say it’s world-renowned) outdoor Third Street Promenade, Beadahs is tucked away amongst clothing stores and vegan restaurants. Steering VERY clear of the vegans (hard-core carnivore here, thank you), the husband and I have an easy time of finding our target. Yes, the heat has gotten to the significant other so much, he decided to follow me to cooler climes.


I love what they have done with their chosen book theme – The Great Gatsby. The greeter and staff are decked out in lovely 20’s dress. As we check in, we are given our charm and the chance to play a boardwalk game of tossing olive ping pong balls into champagne glasses. My aim only started to get better with the last couple of throws – which I bet happens to everyone. They still gave us a beady gift for trying and turned us loose to shop.

The store interior is a pleasant mix of touristy and African trade style with wooden trays, bamboo legged tables and ethnic decor. As usual, I hit the seed bead wall, then looked for unusual items.

With a budget wearing thin and three more stores left after this in order to complete Region 1, I was very picky about what I procured. Sometimes, yes, a girl can have too many beads – and definitely not enough time to do anything with them. I stuck with some beautiful, antique raspberry satin seed beads, an unusual, oval copper spacer bead tube and some STUNNING, iridescent insect wing beads I have been longing to get but have not seen in all seven stores until now.


Theme: The Great Gatsby

Charm: I believe it was an olive glass. I can’t locate the charm to confirm this, but that’s what I recall.

Goodies: a welcome bag of candy and a $5.00 off coupon with a $30 purchase in between October 31st – November 26th.

The Haul:


Clockwise, starting top left: iridescent insect wing beads, TierraCast Charm samples, oval Copper Spacer bead tube and Size 11 and 8 Raspberry Satin Seed Beads.

Beadahs was a fun store and a pleasure to visit. Thanks for the olive toss. Can I bring one home?

Next – A Rolling Stone, Redlands.

Kristine Cherry

Owner of KC Dragonfly.

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