Day 6 – 2014 So. Cal Bead Shop Hop – Store #9 – A Rolling Stone, Redlands


The Eastern most store in Region 1 of the Southern California Bead Shop Hop is way out in Redlands – about an hour and 40 minutes from my studio in the San Fernando Valley. So close to the Autumn Equinox and the season change into Fall, we were blessed with slightly cooler temperatures both at home and this far out into the desert. My husband, Dennis, being the chivalrous soul that he is, was willing to accompany me into the deepest regions of San Bernardino County IF we hit the Spaghetti Factory for their legendary mizithra cheese AND finished the day off with a trip to his newest favorite restaurant in Pasadena – Slaters 50/50.

It was an equitable trade for dragging him all over the county bead hopping.

This was the first of virgin territory bead stores for today, and, it turns out, the most fun. Easy to get to off the dead-ended 210/10 freeway junctions, a HUGE Bead Shop Hop sign gave no doubt we were where we were supposed to be. (That was a tricky sentence to write!).

This year’s Hop has themes of books and there was no friggin’ doubt what their book was when we were stared down by this imposing greeter RIGHT INSIDE THE DOOR!


This couldn’t be much more perfect this close to Halloween!

The friendly staff checked us in, giving us goodie bags and explaining the prizes and Make n Take on the cute little white desk behind us.

The Make n Take was necklace centerpiece of a small photograph in a frame. There were pages of beautiful retro images featuring nature, bird’s nests, etc., but when I saw the page of Disney Frozen images, the one of Elsa somehow reached out, grabbed my hand and I was sitting down making not one but TWO necklaces! To see the video tutorial on how I did it, go here.

This store really gets the prize for best presentation of theme throughout the 11 stores so far. The store had converted their classroom into this:

9-A-Rolling-Stone-wall-of-grandmas-house 9-A-Rolling-Stone-treats-at-grandmas-house  9-A-Rolling-Stone-wolf-in-bed-at-grandmas-house

So, here’s where the store fell as far as what every store was offering:

Theme: Little Red Riding Hood

Charm: The little girl from Little Red Riding Hood (complete with basket!).

Goodies: Wow, so many! A little cardboard basket stuffed FULL of beads (even the clasp was a button bead!), a bottle cap necklace pendant with Red Riding Hood on it for spending $25.00 or more, TWO spinners – one for what discount you got and one for an additional a charm like the one we made, but with a butterfly.

Now on to our haul:


There was no surprise after making the pendant and seeing how easy it was, that the haul is ALL pendant-oriented with complete supplies to make more. Top left, clockwise: 3D Crystal Lacquer, some BEAUTIFUL peacock pics for the centerpiece of the pendants, double-sided, sticky Jeweler’s Dots to hold the finished image firmly in the frame, crystal domes to protect the image and the frames to hold the whole thing together.

And here are the goodies we came out with:


What a great store! This, so far, as far as creativity and fun with their theme, was the crown jewel in Region 1.

Tomorrow – Garden of Beadin’, Upland.


Kristine Cherry

Owner of KC Dragonfly.

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