Day 6 – 2014 So. Cal Bead Shop Hop – Store #10 – Garden of Beaden, Upland


Who knew Upland, CA was such a cute, quiet, sweet little town? That’s the impression we got rolling in off the 10 fwy and it was a welcome one. You can’t help but get antsy in that last stretch of the day – and the Hop – when you’re this close to finishing.


If I were in the middle of nowhere with the nearest other bead store 30 miles away, Garden of Beaden would fill my needs quite nicely. All the basics, and more to boot. There was an added bonus of some lovely vintage glass you don’t see in every store..kinda of like going to the sticks to find that one antique chair or table that’s the last of its kind. With a nice area in the back for classes, this is another one of those stores I can imaging the local secret society of Beadin’ Babes would hang out on Friday nights ordering pizza, trading tips and techniques and teaching those new to the craft their age-old rites.

It was a Jungle in there – no, literally a jungle, right out of the Jungle Book. The pineapple punch was particularly good and they were quite generous with the snacks. This store has a nice vibe, along with a steady, store-packed stream of Bead Shop Hoppers like us. When they showed us their Make n Take I was so tempted to stop and make it there, having gotten the Make n Take fever from the last store, but my stomach was growling and we had one last store stop before our victory dinner at Slater’s 50/50 in Pasadena. I could see my husband itching to get there as well.

Here’s what they offered –

Theme: The Jungle Book

Charm: a cute little monkey in silver or gold AND one that had moving parts and one that didn’t. I took a silver one that didn’t move and Dennis took one that did.

Goodies: A discount upon returning in the future. Not sure what they had as far as if you bought $25.00 or more as I was hanging on to those last dollars for dear life!

Not surprisingly low on funds set aside for this trip, the only item I picked up was their Make n Take Genie’s Lamp. It was just too darn cute to pass up!

After discussing the possibility of me teaching a class there, we jumped back in the car, enjoying what we could of the nice (and cooler) evening air settling in and headed for our Final Destination – Pasadena Bead & Design Company.

Kristine Cherry

Owner of KC Dragonfly.

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