The History of the Bead Shop Hop in Southern California

Okay, so now that you know how these crazy Bead Shop Hops work, want to know a bit of history about it? How did all this insanity get started?

So did I. I wasn’t actively looking, but found the answer on, of all social media platforms, Pinterest. A Pin there led me to Wild Things Beads website where they chronicled the adventure. I like Wild Things – I’ve bought many of their beads in the past at Santa Monica Gem & Jewelry shows and probably other local So. Cal. shows too many and for too long to mention.

According to them, it began with the team at Brea Bead Works and a customer who brought them the idea of a Yarn Hop and said why doesn’t someone do this with bead stores? It was at a time in the late 2000’s when the economy was depressed and in flux with the increased interest in the Internet. Times like these are fertile ground for new and innovative ideas and thanks to their perseverance through a rough start, it took off once the proper organization was formed to run it.

To read the whole story and how much fun even bead store owners can have Bead Shop Hopping on their days off, read the whole thing here.

Kristine Cherry

Owner of KC Dragonfly.

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