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Hi all. After I recovered from Bead Shop Hopping in the Inland Empire of Southern California yesterday, I somehow found the energy to create our first giveaway to celebrate our 100th Facebook Fan at The Ears Have It Fan Page. I hope this will be the first of many more to come – probably at the rate of no more than once or twice a month right now. There’s so much going on with the Bead Shop Hop hopping, posting and creating from my hauls, it was a miracle I got to this project, but I promised my peeps and they come first.

If you have a Facebook, Pinterest and/or Twitter account, you can enter by joining one or all three. The more you connect to us, the more entries you get in the raffle. Cool, huh? Let us show you what it takes to have beautiful ears.


We hit 100 Facebook Likes on The Ears Have It Fan Pages and to celebrate, we are running our first Giveaway! Get details and enter here.

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