So glad to be back!

So glad to be back!

The place: the LAX Marriott Hotel, Los Angeles.

The time: Turkey Day Weekend

It was such a joy getting back to live art shows again, especially the one hosted at Loscon, the literary/science fiction fantasy convention that has been our local holiday haunt for the past 30+ years. This one is especially meaningful for that and the fact we are skipping Gallifrey One in a few months due to the reappearance of a nasty abdominal hernia that has been my bane off and on for the last 10 years. Because I always get a respiratory infection after Gally, I don’t dare go this coming February for fear the severe coughing fits would tear my abdomen apart – literally.

Thus my incentive to give this art show everything I’ve got!

KC Dragonfly's exhibit at Loscon 47's 2020 Art Show setup 2

KC Dragonfly - The Pleiades Nebula pen wrap

Among the Doctor Who fan art was my 5th Doctor lariat and choker necklaces and an 11th Doctor Tardis Envelope pendant necklace. Making their debut was my “I Love Doctor Who” beaded pen wrap, along with an “I Love Cats” pen and one of the Pleiades nebula. The Tardis Envelope necklace, all three pens and the 5th Doctor choker sold, much to my delight.

Several old pieces made a rare appearance, such as my Beaded Memory Bottle collection – one of the earlier phases I went through in my beady career. One of the first ones I made was in the colors of my beloved Maine Coon, Mr. Bus, the first of his breed I ever owned (bottle not pictured). I keep a small clump of his long, soft fur with me, close to my heart.

They are also great for keeping rare, precious treasures in such as baby’s first tooth, sand from your favorite beach or other tiny treasures. You can also use them for retaining magical herbs, spellwork or protection amulets.

They were a fun excuse to collect specialty yarns from a local French importer of decadent, colorful skeins not produced in this country. The themes included my love for watermelons, crazy-fun, fuzzy pink yarns, Christmas, Breast Cancer awareness and the Jewish heritage. It was also an excuse to take updated photos with my much better camera on my Samsung Galaxy 10 phone, as opposed to the original ones done 15+ years ago with what technology was on hand at the time.

All of them are available for purchase in my gallery under the Tiny Beaded Bottles section. Please consider giving them a good home as they spend most of their lives hiding in my travelling jewelry case and never get to be worn or admired for the beautiful and meaningful little treasures they are.

Around the same time, I got a hold of some wonderful, soft leathers that I could actually sew through by hand and on my sewing machine. That was the start of my dragonfly obsession, which has stayed with me today now more than ever. “Dragonfly and her Family” saw me experimentating with beadwork fringe and kumihimo disc knotwork for more durable necklace straps. “Path of the Dragonfly” brought me back to my yarnwork, but woven on the kumihimo disc this time and just as sturdy as the rattail satin.

Despite the smaller attendance at Loscon due to the Covid scare, I actually made more sales this time around, which was a joy and relief to see. Those that are coming back out first are the ones that are tired of isolation and are brave enough to venture forth once more. I salute them and applaud their courage, for they will be the ones to show the world it is safe to come back into the light as long as we yearn to be social and temper it with care.

)O( Luna

Kristine Cherry

Owner of KC Dragonfly.

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