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Hi all and welcome to my new KCDragonfly Kustomer Order Kreation Days. After a bit of fussing with YouTube and their new regulations on live streaming, I am now set up to do real-time videos on jewelry and crafts creation again.

Where this is coming from

A quick update on where this is coming from and why it seems like it’s out of the blue for me to do. Ever since my first convention back in the 80’s where I created an ear cuff for a customer while they watched, I’ve been addicted to having an audience while I create something. It’s so much fun to get a customer’s input into their own orders from me, as well at the fascination they have watching the actual process. It’s what motivated me to do as many years of conventions in dealer’s room as I had – something on the order of 30 years!

Now that technology has caught up with the ability to live stream from the comfort of my design studio at home, I got excited about the prospects all over again. Once I live streamed my first custom order on YouTube, it was so awesome, I wanted to do it again!

And so, with my new webcam in place, I am ready to give this a go with regular as well as custom orders. I hope you will join me today and in the future for some fun KCDragonfly Kustomer Order Kreation Days.

Details for today’s Kustomer Order Kreation Day:

Location: The Ears Have It by KC Dragonfly YouTube Channel
Time: 5:00 pm Pacific Time

Kristine Cherry

Owner of KC Dragonfly.

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  1. How fun to record your creations in the making! It is a wonderful way to advertise as well as help others who enjoy jewelry making.

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