New Product – Mermaid Sunset

New Product – Mermaid Sunset

Happy Saturday, everyone. A couple of housekeeping items here as I put my latest beadwork project’s delicas back to stock and think about what my next design will be.

Wednesday’s WIP post was about my newest design, which I can now reveal is Mermaid Sunset.

I immediately fell in love with this image as soon as I saw it and knew that one way or another, I would bead it. It was a great opportunity to perfect and expand my skills at creating sunsets and luckily, I had all the colors already in stock to accomplish it.

Save Money on Beads – Buy TWO

Dragonfly Sunset Pen Wrap even count by KC Dragonfly

If you have already purchased the Dragonfly Sunset pen wrap and began or finished beading it, you’ll probably notice right away that there are quite a few similar colors between these two patterns just by looking at these images and you would be right. They share SEVEN identical colors. Being ever cost-conscious, this was intentional on my part to save money, but also benefits those who buy both patterns. I know it’s fun going on a hunt for new colors to add to your stock. It’s even more fun to still do that, discover you already have these colors in your stash AND save money. Everyone wins in the end.

So pick up our newest sunset theme and the Dragonfly Sunset and you’ll never have to wait for an actual sunset again to enjoy their firey light show. Here are the links to both patterns:

Mermaid Sunset
Dragonfly Sunset

Happy Beading!

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Kristine Cherry

Owner of KC Dragonfly.

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