A Bit Late, but Worth the Wait

KC Dragonfly new project preview

That rhymed…just noticed that. That’s a good sign as the last time I did any large scale project, it was for our beloved Jim Carrey Grinch costume and we all know how Whos (and Whats) like to rhyme.

I am late with the update this week because of what I’ve been referring to as “the project”. It has been eating my life since before San Diego Comic Con, has been evolving as I pushed it past the dreaded R & D “learning curve”, has been lovingly crafted whilst listening to hours and hours and hours of the very best of Big Finish Doctor Who Classic Doctor audio plays (yes, go ahead and twist my arm to listen to the smooth voice of Peter Davison and his more Edwardianly evolved incarnation Paul McGann).

At last I picked up speed this week and the final construction on “the project” flew at a breakneck pace. Today I hit Costume College’s Marketplace in Woodland Hills and run downtown with my roomie Darc to buy more supplies to expand the line that will be this new product for EarthDaughter Arts.

Stay tuned for the premiere of the new line this coming week (as long as the pictures and setting cooperate)

Kristine Cherry

Owner of KC Dragonfly.

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