Shop Review – BeadedBlissDesigns

Shop Review – BeadedBlissDesigns

I don’t normally do shop reviews unless it is an extraordinary experience. That being said, if I am doing this one, it must obviously be a shop that deserves recognition.

The thing that sets a shop apart from everyone else is not the claim that they have quick shipping and fast and friendly service, not at the end of the day because everyone claims that.

Actions speak louder than words and the thing that makes a shop memorable in my lifetime of customer service to my clients, is the little things that leave an emotional impression upon the buyer. Mind you, the emotional impression can be either good or bad. It is up to us as sellers to make darn sure that it be the best experience our buyers can have, otherwise we get lost in the sheer volume of competition out there.

A Review of Beaded Bliss Designs - envelope stamp

BeadedBlissDesigns is an Etsy store that I will remember, not for the quick shipping and fast and friendly service, but for the happy way it made me feel when I got their order.

As you can see from the photos, they take every opportunity in all of their packaging to give their customer (me) something positive in the impression they leave.

Little rubber stamp messages are a great touch that cost no more weight in shipping that a seller can utilize towards this end.

Stamping a happy little message on the outside of the envelope leaves a trail throughout their mail journey that makes everyone smile who sees it. They even continue this on the invoice inside the package. I may have a soft spot for rubber-stamping because I have a huge collection of stamps in storage and was a stamp whore for many years, but even if I didn’t, I would absolutely remember this because of the additional added touch to their packaging.

Never miss an opportunity!

A Review of Beaded Bliss Designs - invoice and goodies

Their handwritten thank-you on a sticker on the invoice is another nice touch that only takes a few seconds to personalize. 

I also absolutely love getting the big eye beading needle. How ever did they know that my eyesight also appreciates it and I’ve been experimenting with these for at least a year now, lol!? And while I have way more many beads than I can ever use, nobody ever hates getting a package of tiny beads they can always use in a future beading project.

All this said and at the end of the day, I am definitely going to remember to order from them in the future. Thank you, BeadedBlissDesigns, for reminding me why I add similar touches and thank yous to my own packaging for my earrings and ear cuff Etsy store customers.

Examples of similar packaging I have been doing since last year.

(You can find my store at The Ears Have It where your packaging is guaranteed to please as much as BeadedBlissDesigns did for me.)

Kristine Cherry

Owner of KC Dragonfly.

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