Ideas for Future Product Lines

You know how you get ideas in the shower? Or when driving? Places that you can’t write them down in? Well, all the time I was at Anime Expo this past week, I was on the lookout for what cosplayers and non-cosplayers were wearing in the way of their costumes and accessories and ideas kept coming to me all throughout the convention. I think mundanes (non-fans) would be shocked and afraid knowing there were TENS OF THOUSANDS of fans and easily 85% of them were in costume. There is an incredibly rich culture that is all theirs and is uniquely diverse, and nothing equals its like in the world.

That makes the choices for serving the needs of the community quite large, even accounting for the fact that I am looking only in areas of my strengths, which are in sewing and beadwork. It is an exciting time and if you are in the Cosplay community I hope you will grant me your feedback so I can better bring you exciting items you will be eager to add to your collections.

With Love,

)O( Luna
aka Kristine

Kristine Cherry

Owner of KC Dragonfly.

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