A Fun Mother’s Day Outing

If your mother-in-law is like mine, she HATES having her picture taken. We often have to take sneaky pictures in order to get her on film. Sometimes we luck out and can get her to do something.

Take your mom-in-law or mom out somewhere special today…it doesn’t have to cost anything. It can be like we did – to a favorite outdoor mall with a koi and turtle pond. I needed some photos shot of my new parasol and some reshoots on some current ones. She helped carry the parasols, suggested places to shoot (by a statue, in front of a rose garden, sitting on a vine-covered column) and watched stuff as we found a wayward turtle crossing the lawn and relocated it back into its pond. They like to feel useful, it was a fun and beautiful day out and we have some great pictures and memories most of all.

Kristine Cherry

Owner of KC Dragonfly.

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